Questions likely to be asked

Frequently asked questions in an interview

  • Tell me about yourself. (The interviewer is looking for communication skills and clear thinking about your recent history, no your  childhood)
  • What is your biggest strength and weaknesses (Know your top 2 – 3 stengths and be prepared to discuss each with an example.
  • How do you handle stress on the job? (Provide good example of how you dealt with stress in the past). Its possible that stress can actually help some people perform better.
  • Describe your most significant accomplishments. (Relate the situations, the obstacles and the outcome. Tell what qualities were needed to achieve this.
  • What do you see yourself doing in the next five years?(Your should assure the employer that you are worth the investment in time and training and that you plan to be around for a while
  • learning and contributing more along the way.
  • What do you like to do outside of work? Interviewers ask personal questions in an interview to “see if candidates will fit in with the culture [and] give them the opportunity to open up and display their personality, too,

Rehearse Presentation

  • Make a trial run of the interview site to gauge how long it will take for you to get there.
  • Get proper rest the night before.
  • Avoid caffeine and spicy foods on the interview day.
  • Arrive early and use this time to freshen up